If you need help with an insurance claim, we will be there to assist you. We have a great working relationship with all insurance companies and adjusters. In fact, we recommend that you have us there at the initial meeting with your adjuster.

Below are some suggestions if you feel that your roof has suffered some catastrophic damages that would be covered by insurance.

  • Do not hesitate to call your insurance provider. That is what your insurance company is there for.
  • File your claim immediately. Soon after, a trained adjuster will contact you to schedule an appointment to look at your roof. It is extremely important to get the insurance representatives contact information, especially their office phone and cell phone number.
  • Once your insurance adjuster calls, tell them that you would like them to contact your roofer immediately.
  • Simply call us with the adjuster's contact information and we will schedule an appointment with the adjuster to look at your property immediately.
  • his process will not only save you time, but it will also assure that a professional roofer and insurance adjuster have examined your roof together to properly identify damage.

We will help with your insurance claim!